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Japan combo 2 in 1 healthy dog snack square cut meat/vegetable mix 820g (suitable for dogs 11 years old or older)

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Carefully selected cut pieces of meat, soft grains and carefully selected small fish grains are mixed, taking into account the nutritional balance and eating convenience of pets over 11 years old.


Single package size: (W) 185 x (H) 305 x (D) 100 (mm)

■Production area: Japan

■Ingredients/Ingredients: [Ingredients] cereals (wheat flour, corn, bread flour, wheat bran, corn gluten feed), dried right-angle scissors, meat (chicken, beef meal, pork meal, chicken powder), dried right-angle fish, sugar (Sucrose, oligosaccharides), fats (animal fats, conjugated linoleic acid, vegetable fats (including omega-6 fatty acids)), beans (okara powder, soybean powder), brewer’s yeast, vegetables (cabbage), young barley leaves , Pumpkin, tomato, carrot, broccoli, spinach, moroheiya), small fish meal, coenzyme Q10, casein phosphopeptide, propylene glycol, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, Cobalt, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium dehydroacetate), vitamins (A, B2, B6, B12, D, E, pantothenic acid, choline), colorant (titanium dioxide, 102 edible red, edible) red 106, edible yellow 4, edible yellow 5, edible blue 1), flavor, antioxidant (mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract), amino acids (arginine, taurine, methionine), amino Glucose, chondroitin