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Japan combo combo healthy cat snacks bonito flavor 11 years old or above to remove hair balls and maintain kidney health formula dried bonito 600g (120Gx5 packets)

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・Delicious and delicious natural dietary fiber can help digest hairballs. And has a thick fish fillet and easy-to-eat fish shredded flavor.

・Small and easy to digest fine grains.

・In order to maintain the health of the kidneys, calcium and phosphorus have been adjusted; in order to maintain the health of the cat’s lower urinary tract, a low-magnesium design (0.12% of magnesium: standard value).

・Contains Coenzyme Q10, which is necessary for the human body, to enhance vitamin E.

・Contains oligosaccharides, which can keep the stomach healthy and increase the number of good bacteria in the intestines.

・Cranberry and 3 kinds of herbs, healthy living.

・For elderly cats with poor appetite, it will increase the appetite for more delicious food.

・Individual packaging is fresh and delicious! Contains 5 packs.