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Japan combo 3 in 1 healthy cat snacks 15 years old or above hair ball-free senior cat formula seafood platter 300g (60Gx5 pack)

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・Three cat foods rich in dietary fiber can increase the appetite of older cats over 15 years of age with poor appetite.

·Considering the maintenance of kidney health, adjust calcium and phosphorus.

・The essential fortified coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E for cats .

・ 2x mixed bonito flavorCut and shred.

・ 2x mixedbonito flavorNatural chicken and grilled cod fillets.

・Limited flavor x 1 bag with luxury Of scallops chopped cut.

・Small and easy to digest fine particlesCat food.

・The low magnesium design can keep the cat’s lower urethra health. (Magnet content 0.12%: standard value)

・Taking into account the health of the stomach, it contains oligosaccharides that increase the good bacteria in the intestine.

・Individual packaging is fresh and delicious! Contains 60 grams x 5 packets.

・Comprehensive nutritious food.